Vesseling Change. Be there and become your ideal. With Martin Brune.
Not another weight loss/withdrawal seminar? Certainly not!

We are excited to be able to offer you an entirely new seminar in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

Vesseling Change! Be there and become ideal in Munich €495, including VAT.

Why are we unable to reach our ideal weight despite dieting (and when then only for a short time)?
How do you find it without giving up?
Why does sport have a minor role?
Why is it so difficult to stop smoking?
Why are we addicted to coffee, sugar, smartphones and much more?
Why are we dependent on bad relationships?
Which effects do relationships have on our bodies?
What effects have energy?
What makes us look tense and old?
What makes us look beautiful and radiant?
How do I stay beautiful?
Participation requirements: Open to all but only to those who really want to.

Not another weight loss/withdrawal seminar? Certainly not!
It is much more than that. It is a real sensation and works for those who really want it. Vesseling Change is not a new nutrition program/counseling! Vesseling Change is more a first step for all and starts from a completely different place: from the essence, from the depths of our intuition that is deeply embedded in everyone. It is a connection that we have all lost. When you are once again connected through Vesseling Change with this deeply embedded Intuition, then you will automatically choose what truly nourishes you: whether it is the ideal food, relationship or life situation.

Nutrition theories will become almost redundant, as our body already knows what is good: and your body knows that too.
Vesseling Change is the advancement of Vesseling Source: when our seminar work dealt with the world of energy and emotions, Martin researched for over 15 years and found the true answer to this question: how have we saved this lack of energy in our bodies, that leaves us experiencing a permanent feeling of deficiency. This lack of energy has caused the split in the relationship with our intuition. That leads to a search for energy and as a result comes the search in life. But what can we do with it? Where does it come from?

When this relationship is missing, then it lets us relapse and we experience a yo-yo effect, we can’t get rid of the physical dependence meaning that we do not reach our ideal. Without this relationship changing diet or quitting smoking will not be successful in the long run. An inner feeling of deficiency will always leave us searching. In this seminar we reconnect and that is the unique thing!  Does true beauty really come from within?

Beauty? What has that got to do with it? Through Vesseling Change and through the decisions made during the seminar, your entire body and life can change. Imagine, you feel really nourished by life. That can only create a feeling of happiness. Of course, the extreme effects show in your appearance: the skin, hair, wrinkles and body awareness etc.
Engage yourself! Martin leads everyone through this reconnection within the scope of the seminar. Every participant can take part how they feel comfortable, you don’t have to take part in the group! That is the condition for a successful and sustainable change to an other life. Afterwards the Vesseling Change method, which is made up of several levels, will be presented. It is a fantastic process of liberation and freshness. You will be astounded.

Contents of the subject information and tips explain more about the themes, and provide you with all important information. Don’t worry: it is easier as you imagine. Vesseling Change is very sustainable!

Seminar: Martin will give his well-known talks, which have all been developed from the presence of the current moment. You will really enjoy it and: questions are allowed! 
The seminar is a group seminar, however no one has to take part in the group. You can reconnect just for yourself, with support carried out by Martin Brune.
In this exciting course we gain a new connection to our body, we blend with the wonderful energy of the here and now, learn to accept, allow and cast off.

Price: € 290,-  –  Open to all but only to those who really want to.

Where? Novotel München City Arnulfpark
Arnulfstrasse 57 · 80636 Múnich · Alemania

Munich, Novotel Munich City Arnulfpark. Freitag, 29th July at 16.30 -> Register here .  (places still free)
Munich, Novotel Munich City Arnulfpark, Saturday, 30th July at 09.30 ->  Register here  (extra appointment)
Munich, Novotel Munich City Arnulfpark, Saturday, 30th July at 14.00-> IRegister here (places still free )


What should I bring?

A notepad is always useful, since it is a spoken and practical seminar. Only some course material will be handed out. We will send you more information through a link once you have registered.
Once you have booked we will reserve a place for 10 days. We ask for your understanding that we cannot reserve a place for longer if the payment is not received within this timeframe. The courses fill up quickly. Once payment is received you will be sent an e-mail. You will receive a bill of the course fees at the start of the seminar!

Cancellation fee 42 days prior to the start of the course is €50. The cancellation fee between 15-30 days before the start of the course is 50% of the course cost. The cancellation fee 14 days before the start of the course is 100% of the course costs.
Please notify us of any rebooking or deregistration including all important information in writing, by post to the Institute’s address. The processing can take longer.