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About me: What am I, what am I not?

For a start: I am not a guru!

Nevertheless I believe that every person as a type of ‘mission’ on earth:

Mine is these: To help people and to inspire them to become happier. That is my greatest passion that has fascinated and excited me for over 15 years.

And: Naturally there is a connection between inner clarity and outer beauty! Why should it be any different?

How did it development from Vesseling to Presence School?

‘We have now revised the text “about us.” So we can now send it as a link, what Vesseling is, to all those interested, those who are ready for a clarification of the inner fantasies. You can send this link to all sceptics, big thinkers, grandparents, mothers, fathers, partners, sceptical friends and colleagues. Perhaps it will smooth out the picture and become more realistic.’

I worked as Dipl.INg. (TU/Electrical engineering) for many years, and lost my way in the wrong visions and ideas, I choose the wrong job, got involved in difficult professional relationships and reached a serious (near death) crisis. And that is somewhat of an understatement. That was more than 16 years ago. I could no longer do my job as an engineer; I was rigid with illness and lived in Cologne Volkspark. That was the end of my meteoric vehicleeer.

Through the help of many, many doctors and psychologists I got better and began to find out ‘why’ my life almost came to an end. I got a second chance at life, and my doctors couldn’t help me anymore, I went searching in the world of alternative medicine. My search didn’t take me in a spiritual direction, rather pure survival. It didn’t matter to me what helped, so long as it helped!

I made a find. I visited many seminar series from South America to Nepal; however, it wasn’t some great healer or Indian who healed me. It was the long slow, fantastic process of learning and practicing meditation: I discovered the unbelievable power of (Thoughtless!) presence in several steps through extreme personal experience. Put shortly: I got better again and more:

People started coming to me, in order to learn from me. I couldn’t believe it at first, but through the overcoming of my past life problems, I had found my true calling: To inspire people and to find (life) ideas. Hence causing a series of seminar over the years, to help people with the power of presence and the courage of vision. The seminars are made from my experience, as someone who was at rock bottom and made it out again. I had searched for such a person but never found them. For this reason I have been consulted by therapists, doctors and people from all backgrounds. Many come to my (Thoughtless! Meditations and Compact) seminars. Taking part in the seminars is a great chance for them, they recognise the chances.

Meditation? You already know that? That’s what I used to say, however after overcoming my bodily and psychological problems I found out that meditation is not deeply taught. That is what led the development of the Thoughtless! Course.

Thousands of people have gotten to know this presence work. Umpteen assistants help me to conduct the seminars. A significant part is in the Thoughtless! Meditation, in order to get more in to the calm state to discover the source of our being (nLight). It is then possible to find your thing in life, as I did. In my book “With the power of now on to happiness!,” which was a bestseller in 2007. You can order it here.

Who comes to the courses? Those who see the seminar as a great chance.

No sick people come to our seminars. Sick people need medical professional help, as I did. The focus of the seminar is on improving happiness with life and finding the life vision! Therefore participants need to have inner stability. We do not see our energy work in a therapeutic, medicinal or religious context.  We do not treat illnesses during the courses.

I see myself as a teacher of presence. The ‘come down’, the ‘Thoughtless! Meditation’ the ‘relaxation,’ vision finding are all central points of the courses and seminars.

People who want to find out how to make progress ‘for themselves’, find visions and just want to have more fun in their lives (again) come to our energy schools. That means that there is a lot of dancing and partying on the courses.

We do not represent a ‘direction,’ holistic approach and no manipulative concept of healing. We teach facilitation of the body’s energy through the power of calm, through mediation, in order to find ideas and life visions through this power. You learn the form of the Vesseling session as a Vesseling practitioner as well as in groups of meditation.

We make no promises, diagnoses (‘only our approach works’) and do not create an unrealistic picture from teacher and assitants (a la magicians). We do not want to save the world or do missionary work (then the beginning lies with each person themselves), we do not want any identification with us, no dependence and no fighting talk.

Our energy school is a school where you learn the ‘now’ as transforming power.

‘We would like to emphatically point out at this point that the Vesseling meditations (sessions) and vision-making, participation in seminars or consultations can or should in no way replace the visit of a doctor and the diagnostic activity and treatment. Nor should they stop taking prescribed medication from doctors.’

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