6 questions, 6 answers.

  1. What do you do during the courses and seminars? What are the costs involved?

(You can get started with the Thoughtless! nLight course – the source of life)

In the energy and presence school with the power of now! you learn to clear energetic blockages of presence (‘the source’) that are saved in the body. In this way, that is the way to inner source and calm, that also means a freeing from limited thinking a seminar centre has arisen over the years in Germany, Austria, Holland, Spain and Central America. Esoteric? No way! You will find more about the development and about me here. A small pdf book about Vesseling is available here. The book and audiobook are available here.

The price: The price of multi day/weeklong seminars ranges from between €950-€1250 incl. half board!, excl. hotel/overnight costs. Please refer to the calendar of the necessary course description for the overall costs.

  1. Which are the introductory seminars and workshops?

There are three possibilities to enter a relaxed and happy life:           

  • You take part in lectures, half or whole day seminars or:

Multiday seminars:

  • If you are interested in an energy process and want to learn to give deep sessions, then we recommend the Basic/Seer/Visions Compact Course as an introduction. With this introduction it is possible to become a Vesseling Practitioner.
  • If you just want to take the journey to your inner source in the immense power of the presence, then we recommend that you take part in the Thoughtless! nLight – the sources of your life Seminars. This course is ideal for those that work or are involved a lot with people (professionally or privately). In this course you do not need to give sessions to other people. You can learn the wonderful process of presence just for yourself and use it in everyday life.
  1. How do you become a Vesseling practitioner?

You become a practitioner automatically, regardless of whether you are doing the course just for yourself or to work with people afterwards.

The order of events: 1. Taking part in the course (Basic/Seer/Visions Compact Course) à2. Taking part in at least one Thoughtless! nLight and/or another course of your choice (related course, tool, or further Thoughtless! nLight). The process to your own transformation is made up of three courses.


The Vesseling energy courses are highly effective and transformational. They have been around for over 15 years and are permanently developed. The demand is therefore high and because of group size the courses get sold out quickly. The energy csystem is for all those interested, whether you choose the way “private, only for yourself” or want to use it professionally (later as a Vesseling Practitioner). The energy courses can be a true freeing course.

  1. What and which sessions types can you recommend after the training, what is actually possible with Vesseling?

The classical Vesseling session:

Here they determine at the beginning of each session, a subject that is treated energetically. What is a subject? That's what you perceive as inhibiting or disturbing in life from the areas of family, friendship, love, partnership and your body: The subjects can be as varied as the people themselves. In principle the Vesseling Practitioner helps you find the subjects. For many interested people this Vesseling session is the introduction to the Vesseling Energy work. The sessions last approximately 1 hour: 10 mins briefing, 40 mins session and 10 mins debriefing. For the first time only 3 appointments are arranged.

Vesseling energy journey in groups: This energy journey is essentially a led meditation in a group. You can also bring a subject and clear the blockage just for yourself. You must not take part in the group. The energy journey is a very different event, where more people with the same intentions come together. The energy journey is often accompanied by music.

Vesseling Consulting:

As the session form previously described, this session is about consulting you on your current life situation. Background information: Deep in us, you can call it “the gene”, a form of “energetic truth” is anchored. Martin Brune uses the word “energetic vehicle.” This vehicle (or soul) want to drive in the direction of a feel-good life. That means that this vehicle has answers to questions that “our head” never expected. Vesseling Consulting deals with exactly that: You can ask 5 questions and answers can be found for your extremely personal energy vehicle through a Vesseling Practitioner. It is a fantastic session, full of insight, inspiration and solutions.

Vesseling Thoughtless! nLight (Introduction and Multiday seminars)

There are two ways to clear the energy field. The first way is through the valuable support from outside, in the form of the above mentioned sessions, through a Vesseling Practitioner to get rid of blockages. Another way is by learning and practicing with Thoughtless! nLight.

“True beauty really does come from within”. It is a fantastic way to learn nLight. When the body is relaxed from within, then it shows in the eyes! In the English language the seminar terms sometimes sound clearer: “light/enlightenment” comes from light, von brightness and when you learn to activate these again in your body, then a true gate of inner happiness and expanse is opened: You learn from the inside out to naturally limit yourself, without fighting talk or though! This seminar is a unique journey, a true adventure into the world of inner happiness.

The lack of separation against our outer world with its multiple relationships and requirements, is the main reason for discomfort!

The solution through nLight has a very positive and enlightening effect on the body, our appearance, our relationships, the inner happiness, our life luck, the words that we choose to communicate with and for all things on the people that we are attracted to. It is a wonderful energy process that awaits participants.

  1. Who takes part in the courses?

People like you and me! They are people who have a high interest in their own life development and want live more easily. Men and women from all backgrounds (managers, therapists, doctors, artists, young people, old people). The individual’s further development is in the foreground for all participants. The energy school offers participants a course system, in order to achieve inner clarity.

All courses (Basic, Seer, Vision Compact and Master courses) are all communication seminars, in which the participants learn clear, liberating, peaceful communication (mediation). The life vision is the most interesting subject of our time. In the vision courses (after Basic and Seer course) we are the builders of our lives and set ourselves apart with the manifestation of our visions and dreams. We become creators of our lives.

  1. What can the course achieve?

More zest for life, easiness, quality of life, become more present, get to know nice people and above all else have fun!

Few courses! With us you do not need to take part in a complex and lengthy course programme. We have carefully ensured that that core process is focussed on a few courses.

The current Zeitgeist and the motivation for the seminars:

To rest, relax, unwind, let go of the past, find visions that is how you could describe the Vesseling energy work. Then what is on the inside eventually shows on the outside – through mental or bodily conditions. True beauty actually comes from within. The enormous natural power of the now! helps us by the steady adoption of our life or life situation. During the course the study of the power of the now!, calm is a central point.

We are sure that with our experience and our knowledge, people and business we can support you to go more down the way of power and happiness. Sharing and placid communication is taught in all courses and seminars. Therefore Vesseling is energetically holistic!

I have assisted people for over 14 years with the greatest enthusiasm!

Yours,  Martin Brune