nLight. The new seminar with Martin Brune

Whether as a teacher, hairdresser, parent, therapist, engineer, personnel, masseuse, healer, doctor, coach, musician, artist, DJ, flight attendant, pilot, project manager, agency boss or in a company: This course is for everyone, for those who want to be more awake, more relaxed and have more energy in their everyday life, in private as well as professional.

nLight. For people and companies. The development of this seminar has taken 15 years. Here the essence of all teaching is consolidated.

How can human relationships be improved?
How can you listen better?
Why do we often feel exhausted?
How can we establish a border between our inner-selves?
How can you remain resourceful?
How can you overcome tiredness?
How can you sleep better?
What do I really want in life?
What fulfils me, makes my heart beat faster?
How do I implement this?
How do I stay young?
How can your body stay young?
How can I distress my everyday life by 100%?

“True beauty comes from within,” that is how we could describe some of the results of this new “nLight” seminar. For when the body is relaxed from the inside, it shows on the outside! Seminar terms are sometimes clearer in English: “Light/enlightenment” comes from light, from brightness, source and when you have learnt to reactivate these within your body then you open up a true gate to inner happiness. This seminar is a unique journey, a true adventure into your inner world; let yourself be cleansed.

The resolution through nLight naturally has very positive and lightening effects on the body, our appearance, our relationships, the ability to distance oneself, inner happiness, our happiness with life, the words that we choose in communication and for all things with the people that we are “attracted” to. It is a wonderful energy process that awaits you.

Motivation: All conditions of people are always mirrored in the body as feelings or emotions. There the participants learn through Martin’s guidance with the new nLight seminar in (work) everyday life/love/ and family life to be happier and more balanced. Words cannot describe nLight, it is simply new and an experience, a firework of experience and relationship (above all with yourself)!

Through many exercises and short lectures you will be connected, with what one might call source, a kind of fountain of youth. Once connected with the now and the presence of life, life develops as if by itself and: the body, the face, the hands, the eyes, the attitude and the skin relax and change. It is a great journey to our source, which is hidden deep within us.

Who is this course interesting for? For all participants, who have a lot to do with people, both professionally and in private.

‘In the presence of the now lies the heart, in the heart lies the enthusiasm, in enthusiasm lies the power.’

I invite all of you!

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