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The new big exclusive consulting from Martin Brune

“A life in power, healthy wellbeing in healthy relationships”

“A consultative meeting of immeasurable value”

4 hours of preparation time, 1.5 hours follow-up discussion

This form of consultation is designed for people who have the desire to make decisions and to set up their life.

Martin Brune’s energetic consulting generates highly detailed results, which have a clear relation to reality, namely to your current life/life situation. Here in the now (professionally, private) starts this type of consulting. The consultation generates unbelievable results to concrete problems.

This form of consulting has nothing to do with telling fortunes, looking into the future, oracles or similar approaches. The consultation is a very down-to-earth type of support and provides numerous, concrete facilitation tips. Those interested profit from yearlong experience in seminar work with thousands of people and numerous businesses.

Please read the following preparatory information with care:

Preparation: The consultation is made up of two parts:

4 hours of preparation: In order to guarantee the most detailed, helpful and professional consultation; Mr. Brune will take around 4 hours in the week before the consultation appointment to prepare.

1.5 hours follow-up discussion

For you to prepare:

  1. Company website (if available), private website (if available), Facebook (if available), 2 current pictures of your face. With these photos Martin Brune can read and see a lot.
  2. Please write a maximum of 6 consultation (life) questions. These can be of a professional or private nature. Prepare these questions well.
  3. What currently burdens you? It can be that known life themes are active (grief, anxiety, pains etc.). Write these down in a short piece of text.

The Agenda:

  1. Start of the preparation time (circa 4 hours): By sending Mr. Brune the above mentioned information he can begin to help you 2-5 days in advance from a distance. The great consultative meeting begins. The earlier you send the information from points 1-3 the better.
  2. Meeting for the follow-up discussion (circa 1.5 hours, please organise an appointment) (on-site or on the telephone/skype). In this very deep and sustainable follow-up meeting Mr.Brune will present the results personally. You will be surprised by the ease and practicability of the results. Mr.Brune will also give you tips, recommendations, ideas and inspiration that should move you in the direction of “a life of power and wellbeing” (and more). The follow-up talk will go through all themes of life with inspiration and enthusiasm. It is a firework of ideas, change and the future.
  3. Please be aware: it can be that you notice bodily changes within the preparation time or when you first see Mr. Brune for the follow-up meeting. That is completely normal.

Investing in a powerful life:

  1. Preparation time: (4 hours at €100)
  2. Part: Follow-up meeting: (1.5 hours) €350

Overall price for Parts 1 and 2 / consultation with Martin Brune: €750, incl. VAT.

One off consultation appointment with an Assistant from Martin Brune: €350 / lasts around 90 minutes (for requests

Follow-up appointment: The clarity is unique! Most people see this form of consulting as a unique chance. You can get another consultation, when more complex decisions need to be made. Please request.

Background to this consultation form:

As previously described, it is about a consultation for your current life situation.

Deep within us, you can call it “the Gene”; a form of “energetic truth” is anchored. Martin Brune uses the term “energetic car.” This car (or soul) will drive in the direction of the well being of life. This means, that this car also has answers to questions that “our head” perhaps never expected. With Vesseling consulting it is all about asking these questions. It is a fantastic session full of insights, inspiration and solutions.

The typical questions from clients: (for your inspiration!)

What is my talent?
How can improve myself professionally?
What is my vocation?
I have the following business/product/project ideas. Is the implementation realistic?
How do I reach more demand?
Is my partner the right one for me? Are they holding me back in my development?
How should we live together, so we stay together?
I want to change professionally what is still pending?
I always feel powerless, what can I do?
How do I stay powerful and full of energy?
How do I split myself peacefully?
I live in a very stressful family environment. How can I live more easily?
How do I clarify mother/father relationships?
Should I start a family?
My life has stagnated. How can I continue?
What steps are important?
Is the location/residence the right one?
Is the company good for me?
How can I do good and earn more money?

Easily available books on the topic:
Vesseling Consulting – the energetic car and the clock of life

Martin Brune Consulting – Das  energetische Fahrzeug  & die Uhr des Lebens
German: Download (PDF) hier.
English: Download (PDF) hier.
Spanish: Donwload (PDF) hier.

Reasons: In old traditions and cultures the services of consultants were retained, when it was about pending developments, projects or life decisions – whether personal or professional.

Then the consultants didn’t have the task of solving the problems of others, rather through their clear-sightedness and sensitivity to help “mirror” and be an inspirational source. The consultant questions were varied – whether it was professional requests or just private concerns.

It was possible for these consultants to have a regard for the people and their environment and to look along the timeline and give holistic advice about making decisions about the feasibility of ideas and plans.

Many wrong and hasty decisions and mistakes could have been avoided.